Understand your Website Visitors

Feb 02, 2020  -  Business | News & Updates

Stop Guessing what your Website Users are Doing!

You work hard to get traffic to your site but once they get there, you're not sure how they are engaging in your content. JagSuite takes away the guessing so you can plan and create content according to cursor movement and frequently visited locations on your site!

Improve Conversion Rates!

Using the JagSuite Tracker, you can place content in highly trafficked areas and improve your conversion funnel by knowing exactly where your website visitors or dropping off.

Data Privacy is Paramount with JagSuite Tracker!

Stop sharing your valuable user data with third parties. WIth JagSuite Tracker, your data stays with you!

Get JagSuite Tracker Today!!

Interested in JagSuite Tracker? Contact our team today to learn about pricing. All Jag clients will receive a complimentary report once per year along with their website traffic. However, if you're interested in these reports more frequently, contact us today! If you're not on Jag and want this service, call us today! Let's increase your conversation rates now!