Do We Need a Website Webhost With Jag?

Mar 14, 2020  -  Business

We get asked this quite often, as many are aware and some are not, JagSuite all started out as a simple CMS system (starting in 2001 by Jim Couts), which means content management system if you're unfamiliar with the terms, "CMS". Keep in mind, we're going to show you what it takes to build a website out in a couple of screenshots below... Which you do NOT need to know HTML, CSS or JavaScript. You can simply use our... 


Robust drag and drop page builder

As you see on the right, our drag and drop page builder is simply doing what it means, "Drag" then "Drop" the elements you want, as we showed a group of amazing Millenial content providers, "WOW, are you kidding me? This is the easiest of all page builders we ever have seen! The other CMS providers like some that would-be competitors to your content management system have such a complex one we don't even know what to do half the time..." ~ 2020

As you see, this is the problem within the world of online solution providers, it's hard to pick and choose, there are some amazing and there are also some really downright horrible solutions to pick from. It's all variant of your budget too... Guess what? You do NOT have to pay extra to use this feature inside Jag!

Yes, we live by the description of our system, "All-in-One and All-inclusive"

So, we hope this clears the air! As you can see here, we support everyone in ANY industry!

So the quickest answer is NO! We'll handle all of this within ONE SOLUTION!