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Data Storage Solutions Need To Fit Your Chamber Requirements

Dec 31, 2018  -  Business

Once there was a time when a person or company’s files were placed in boxes, sealed with tape and placed into a warehouse. With today’s movement to digital media, data storage solutions, while requiring less physical space, present additional challenges. Everyone considering where to keep their data files needs to look at a few things to determine their needs and the best method of keeping their information secure.

For personal information, the data storage solutions are fairly straightforward. You can transfer all the files you want in storage onto compact disks or data tape backup systems and store them in a safe and secure location. Many choose to utilize bank safe deposit boxes for high-security information such as financial data and funding information, but you will want to be sure you can access the information rather quickly. oldletters

For businesses, the data storage solutions may be a little more complex depending on the type of data you are storing. Customer information and records will need to be secure and unavailable to others. The cost of such secured storage may be high, but it will be less than the cost incurred if someone is able to obtain that information and begins using your customer’s personal data to steal their identity. The cost of customer notification and your loss of reputation would far exceed the secure storage cost.

Separate Backup Server May Be The Answer

Many businesses and organizations are installing a separate server offsite for data storage solutions, allowing only limited access to the information for security reasons as well as having the ability to get to the information whenever it is needed. By having the server offsite it also provides protected space for business-critical information that can be readily accessed and moved back to your mainframe in the even of a problem.

Lessons learned too late include that many of the portable storage devices have a glitch in their design that may cause the inadvertent loss of data. Using USB memory chips for data storage solutions has left some without the information available when they need it the most. Compact disks have also been found to drop information over time and are not considered the answer for most data storage solutions.

Before looking into data storage solutions available, determine how much space you will need, today and in the future, the type of information you will want to store and the length of time it needs to be stored. You can also look into companies offering online data storage solutions if your information is not business critical.

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