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If you choose a payment plan for the one-time payments, you're waiving your first 30-days for free! If you choose a plan for Optimum... Today, you're being charged a total of: $1,064.00 if you choose the 3-month EMI option or $581.50 if you choose the 6-month EMI option. Choosing an EMI option waives the free 30-days.

If you choose a payment option, you're waiving your first 30 days for free, and your payments will be divided up by the options above. i.e. 3 EMI meaning that you'll pay your one-time fee off in three installments. 6 EMI, meaning you'll pay your one-time fee off in six months. Any questions? Click the support on the right to ask us! Note: There is NO interest charge if you choose any EMI above!