Our Founding Partner is a Developer!

Feb 21, 2020  -  Business

Did you know that one of our founding partners has development experience? You’re probably wondering why this even matters. 

Well, we’re a software development company focusing mostly on our suite of Jag solutions and we believe it’s extremely important.


Well, if you have a team of developers you may have an inclination as to why it’s important. We all would love to say we have a development team that NEVER makes mistakes but let’s be honest here… there are always errors. The great thing is that when there is an important deadline or you hired a developer that didn’t quite fit the bill, our founding partner can step in and get things on track!

And let’s face it, when you have someone who is passionate about the company and its success, things get done!

Just check out the daily commits... 50 in one day (see image)!

Most development companies do not have this luxury!