Let YOUR Members Manage their Profile

Oct 03, 2019  -  Business | News & Updates

Jag allows your members to manage their own profile. Why? Our team wants to help you do one thing ... grow your membership! If you're servicing your current members, how do you have the time to meet new members? 

So what all can members do from their member profile on Jag? A LOT! But here are the particulars:

  • Purchase event sponsorships online
  • View invoices for event tickets, membership, sponsorships, products and custom invoices
  • Submit company events, blog posts, press releases and job listings (admin approves before it's posted)
  • Add representatives
  • Create member-to-member deals
  • Share events, blog posts, press releases and job listings to THEIR business social media pages. This brings more traffic to your website!
  • Submit support tickets
  • View the membership directory
  • Change password
  • View credits

    The best part ... it's easy!
Plus ... we offer FREE webinar training for your members every month! They will learn everything they need to know about their membership profile and benefits from the convenience of their home or office. Plus, they can email our customer service support at support@jagsuite anytime!