Jag Suite - Amazing and Responsive Drag and Drop Page Builder

Sep 19, 2019  -  News & Updates
Blog: Jag Suite's Page Builder!

Our development and design teams are constantly updating and upgrading Jag to the latest and greatest of all technologies, we've found that if we stay ahead of the rest, others will be able to adapt easily. Well, let's see here...

When you're able to just drag elements, and place them however you like on your pages, and no HTML experience needed, knowing CSS and etc... It becomes a time saver!

As you can see here, as we're creating this blog, it's simply to take a screenshot and show you we've not only using our page builder to layout amazing pages, but we can layout our blogs as well that's fully supported by our own page builder!

You will not find another membership management, fully supported CMS built out as such, if you like to still control the source code of the pages? No problem! See below, we've left this as optional to use if needbe!