Growing Non-Dues Revenues with Jag!

Jan 26, 2020  -  Business | Accounting | Membership Management Solution

Growing non-dues revenues is important for every Chamber and Association. There are only so many members who will join so to grow, you need to increase and diversify your revenue streams.

We built Jag with growth in mind! There are many features to grow your non-dues revenues!

Tiered Membership Packages

Build tiered membership packages around the many Jag features your members would love to take advantage of including blog posts, events, press releases, jobs, and member-to-member deals! You set the limits. Higher packages receive more benefits.

Enhanced Membership Directory Listing

Offer your members the opportunity to be listed first under their main category on the membership directory. You set the price. The great thing is that you can add Google Analytics and your Facebook Pixel to track the number of hits your website receives to help sell the space!

Website Advertising

Your website is your online real estate. Take advantage of it! Sell advertising space to members and non-members alike on any page of your site, including the sliders! You set the price! Our analytics allows you to report how many views and clicks they received! Our custom invoicing makes it easy to track payments!

Online Sponsorships

Offer sponsorships to any event and/or campaign on your calendar. The great thing is that members can see ALL opportunities from their company portal and pay RIGHT ONLINE! No need to go chase a check, if you don’t want to.

TRC Campaigns

Ecommerce Store

Sell your own products or products of your members and customers with our ecommerce shop and multi-vendor option. You can even take a commission of those who you allow to sell their products from your store, helping you and them grow!