Is Your Organization Ready for Data Privacy Regulations?

Feb 07, 2020  -  Business | News & Updates

2020 is going to be a huge year for data privacy regulations. The U.K. and California have already enacted laws and 14 more states within the United States have laws on the docket, each with different nuances.

What does this mean? woman-laptop-business

For the most part, it means that you need to inform your website visitors that your website collects cookies and they need to opt-in and agree! Or opt-out and leave your site.

Many visitors want you to keep their data safe! At Jag, our clients are ready for the new data privacy revolution with a notification that Chambers, non-profits, businesses and associations' websites collect cookies using an opt-in popup.

Is your membership management solution ahead or behind the times and keeping YOU safe?

If not, contact Jag today!