Contracts and Agreements with Packages - It's Possible Through JagSuite

Oct 17, 2019  -  News & Updates

The JagAgreement Module

Needing a solution with the ability to have at checkout time, to have your members, clients, patrons, donors sign an agreement form digitally? Look no further! There's more to Jag than meets the eye!

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Jag Uses Jag...
One thing about Jag, is that JagSuite uses JagFramework just like our clients! Why? Because it's the number one digital solution out there for every problem that anyone faces on a day to day basis. And, for two it's the best there is. Everyone knows though when you sign up for services, you normally have to sign some sort of an agreement/contract.
Including Jag, and yes, you're locked to a 12 month commitment, if you're wanting a longer one, you're welcome to reaching out to us at [email protected]. Little here nor there, let's cut to the chase here... If you're on a desktop/laptop, do you see the image over to the right?

Do you don't know what you're looking at on the backend of Jag within the admin panel?
Well, in short, this is what we're talking about. We brought this module out so that when you need to affix a legal contract/agreement at check-out time for any of your services, membership packages, now you can easily do so by setting up for example, "JagSuite's" SaaS agreement at checkout time:

JagSuite - Setting Up JagAgreement

Jag Has All of the Bells and Whistles

We get asked a lot, "Does this cost extra?"

The simple answer is, "Absolutely NOT!" Your one-time payment and monthly keeps you in the door, and we aim to always keep it that way. It's an All-in-one and inclusive digital solution for all businesses, chambers of commerce, associations, marketing, development companies and you name it! 
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