JagSuite API Released - Giving Power to Our Clients

Jul 14, 2020  -  Uncategorized | Projects

JagSuite API v1 Ready!

Jim Couts, Founding Partner - CTO/COO (Rank 1 Janitor) coming to you about a release I've been chomping at getting out the door by May, we missed it due to the cutting back on hours and making our whole company Jag Journey, LLC to be 100% remote. This means we're no longer need an office. All of our development and administrative environments were converted over back in February and March of this year to be 100% REMOTE! (We planned this to be in 2021, but since COVID-19 struck, I aimed to get it done within a month and everyone can work at home peacefully!)

We’re now releasing the JagSuite API which is built directly inside each installation and dedicated to every client of JagSuite that has a valid subscription within our framework! We are releasing such an exciting option that allows you to tap into the API and start creating and developing!

What is an API? In long it’s called an Application Programming Interface, where it allows you to tie into, build apps, and the number of abilities is endless! Let’s say, you wanted a dedicated and build a chamber app to help boost your membership by showing a map of all your members that you can promote to locals and tourists and connect the “Shop Local, Buy Local” campaigns just for your members using your Jag solution. Now you can! This is just one idea! The possibilities are endless and you have access to the API for free as long as you stay current within your JagSuite payments!

Keep in mind, there isn't any documentation but built directly into each call that you can access, and this is meant for developers! As they'll understand how this works from just by looking at this. If they don't, then we need to get them evaluated to see if they're really a developer? :)

Now, the biggest question(s) we may/may not get is:

  • Can I use my in-house developer to use this? - YES!
  • Can I use a 3rd party to develop an app for us? - YES!
  • Can you all develop a specific app for us? - Yes, simply we have the best developers in the world and not one project have we turned down out of 4800+ projects in the tenure of my duties as a developer since the mid-90s!

Now, what does it look like?

Quite simple to any developer that’s familiar with working within any API will love this, as it's built directly within your JagSuite installation, and it's all-inclusive!

Take a peek:


As you can see more information as you're needing certain params and etc by simply clicking the Route Information to pop this up:



If you have an idea you've been thinking about or just want to brainstorm, contact your Jag team and let's get started.