Give Back: New Service and JagSuite Clients Receive For Free!

Mar 13, 2020  -  Business | Releases


Since everything that's going on within the world with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Jim Couts, our founding partner) has been hard at work on putting in over 16-18 hour days this past two weeks to make this accomplishment happen by locking himself in a room and coding nonstop this new service ... JagSocial

We believe that connecting business and people in the digital market is even more important now for small businesses and our economy so what a better way to help our Jag Family grow but to give a free subscription to them! 

What is JagSocial?

Well, have you ever seen any of those service providers called Hootsuite, Sproutsocial, Buffer and etc? Where you can manage all of your brand accounts within each social media platform and post to each one at a given time, set up a calendar to schedule posts and etc... Well, we've built this out accordingly to all industry needs, not just for business, chambers or anyone specific, it's built around anyone and everyone looking to save time and money overall. So, let's not even try to sell you, right?

What's the catch?

We're providing our JagSuite family this service for free during this hard time that we're all bracing for, if their package here at JagSuite is:

  • JagSuite's Essential Plan: JagSocial's Basic Package which is going for $7.50 per user/mo for free!
  • JagSuite's Advanced Plan: JagSocial's Standard which is going for $25 per user/mo normally.
  • JagSuite's Optimum Plan: JagSocial's Premium Plan which is going for $45 per user/mo normally!

The great thing is that we always try to keep our Jag Family first and keep sending them ideas to increase their revenues and give them perks like this always! 

What features are the best there? 

All of them! Every single one of them, ever used Canva? We integrated with a service called Designbold, which you can see for yourself below or go and check them out as well at

Let's take a peek at what all of this looks like, where you can manage your media and edit photos, add text to it and make some pretty snazzy things:

As for the schedule calendar, you can see what's in the queue, published or unpublished:

Reports of each social media platform we support:

We're in support of all social media APIs as you can see, and yes including Instagram! The Live Stream portion is the kicker for all of the areas such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, this is what sets us apart from the above-listed competitors! They don't even offer this.

As you know Jag Journey, LLC will always be one step ahead of all competition when it comes to innovation, concepts and most of all customer service!

P.S. We're in this with you until the end! If you want to become part of the Jag Family, email us today at [email protected]. We are a different kind of business.

Best regards,
Jim & Sharon Couts - Founding Partners