5 JagChamber Tips to Help Your Members Show Now!

Sep 24, 2021  -  Business

One of the reasons we love working with Chamber teams is because of their passion and hard work to help make their members grow and communities a better place to live!

Our JagChamber solution has some unique features that can help you help your members marketing themselves as well as decrease your administration time and increase your non-dues revenues. Here are a few ideas to add value to your members during this unique time:

1. Multi-vendor store - Become the ShopLocal Expert of Your Community!online-shopping-ecommerce-2

With JagChamber’s multi-vendor store feature, you can help your members or customers build their presence online by allowing them to sell their products and services on your site! You can become the "Amazon" of your local community. The great thing is that you can receive a percentage of the sales if you choose to, so not only are you creating value for your members and clients but you’re helping build your revenues too!

2. Blogs and Press releases

By allowing your members and customers to share blog posts and press releases on your website, not only are you helping them market their products, services, and brand, but you are helping to drive traffic to your site.  The great thing is that they integrate with the Chambers news so that your members' news gets reads! This is another value add JagChamber offers.

3. Website Advertising

Through JagChamber’s Advert module, you can post your members’ or customers' logos anywhere on your site! Consider offering your huge supporters a premium spot on your homepage or another highly trafficked page during this time. You choose the length of time. You can do one or many and the best part is that you can inform them of the number of views and clicks their logos received. Just another value add!

4. JagSocial Share

With JagSocial Share, you can post products, blogs posts, and press releases automatically to your social media channels. This helps drive traffic to your site and highlights your constituents. We know that Internet use is going to go up while people are working from home so this is a good way to help them as well as build your brand.

pm-checklist-25. Surveys

Ask your members or customers how they are fairing or doing to help the community during this time. This is a great resource to get insight into them or share stories about what they are doing positively in the community. This helps build a relationship with your brand.

JagChamber also has automated invoicing so you no longer need to snail mail them out, if you choose, and a project management tool. If you desire a one login feature use JagChambers website page builder or keep your WordPress website using JagJourney's API. JagChamber is flexible, has the #1 personal customer service. Ask for references!

JagChamber is the ultimate Member management solution!