API is Coming to Jag

Feb 20, 2020  -  Business | News & Updates

JagSuite is again expanding! Now that we have our first year under our belt and several clients under the JagCMS and JagChamber solutions, we are building out our API!

What does this mean for Jag and its clients?

Jag’s clients will have a broader scope of plugins and mobile app available to them that are essential to growing their business. Although we recommend using our page builder, however, soon our clients and potential clients will be able to create websites using other CMS providers and connect with Jag and its plugins using our API. Potential clients who love their current website and aren’t interested in learning a new CMS will now have the ability to keep their website but take advantage of JagSuite’s the many plugins, such as the membership/customer management; event module; project management, communications and more!

This gives Jag’s the opportunity to diversify its portfolio of clients and continue to build awareness of the JagSuite solution.

What does this mean for developers?

  • Developers will now be able to build plugins and mobile apps for Jag, which will increase their company revenues.
  • Developers will have to go through our stringent certification process, plus they will be required to have a JagSuite subscription. (Pricing still undetermined). At first, we will only be accepting U.S-based developers but will expand to other countries.
  • Developers will sell their plugins through the JagSuite ecommerce store, which JagSuite will take a 3-5% commission per transaction. 
  • Developers are continually working on the API and is expected mid-2020.